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How to Subscribe


It's really easy to subscribe to AAD+ and after you've completed the upgrade process you'll have immediate access to the AAD+ Member Portal so you'll have no unnecessary waiting around pending activation.

To get started simply Subscribe to AAD+. We offer a few different subscription levels with each one offering an even bigger discount so the longer you sign-up for, the cheaper it is!

Subscription to AAD+ is not automatically renewed so upon subscription expiry, you'll no longer have access to the portal, or your posts within it, until you have upgraded your access again.

AAD+ Benefits


Key features & benefits of AAD+ includes;

» Direct access to all template letters & legal resources

» Private sections across the whole AAD+ Portal (nothing is public)

» Transfer existing public thread to this private section

» Immediate access to all new relevant legal case law

» Access to professional legal help via our preferred solicitor

» Stay in total control - make any reasonable request and we will try and assist

» Earn kudos as a verified AAD Member - better user rank shown in your profile

Join AAD+ and take advantage of the enhanced privacy & benefits today!

Coming Soon


FAQ's will be added in Jan 2020.

AAD+ Member Portal


Subscription Options


It's easy to get access to AAD+ Members Portal, all you need to do to get going is to Subscribe and upon completion your permissions will be updated allowing full access to the portal for future site visits.


Looking for Legal Advice?


If you're looking for legal advice then you can contact our Solicitor using the details below:

Joanna Connolly Solicitors

33 Cheadle Ave

Liverpool, L13 3AE

0330 053 9340

0330 053 9341

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