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Spam Policy

AAD Consumer Forum has a zero tolerance towards spam. Spammers are not welcome here.

The AAD Consumer Forum was created with the sole purpose of helping others by discussing debt, financial issues and providing useful resources and resolutions to unlawful threats/behaviour from creditors and debt collection agencies. The forum should not be used as a promotion tool nor should it be used to post rubbish, spam or start trouble with other members. The majority of banned forum users are spammers. It's important to note they can still read the forum, however they cannot post. If they can't see the site, they may need to refresh their cache by clicking control + F5.

What is Spam?

Spam is email and or messages that are unsolicited by the recipient and sent in a similar form to multiple recipients. Email spam is also known as Unsolicited Commercial Email (UCE). Spam may be non-malicious emails with content regarding products or services or malicious attempts to trick the email recipient (also known as “phishing”). In both cases the received email is unsolicited. Likewise with forums, we don't need posts telling us how to better perform in bed, this is what we call Spam.

In other words, the recipient (or in the case of our forum, the user) never gave permission to receive those emails (or messages).

If you feel that you have received ANY unsolicited email from us, or see Spam posts in the forum, please contact us by sending an email. We appreciate as much specific information about the unsolicited email and/or post you have seen/received as possible. If you wish to be removed from our database or if you wish to update your contact details, please let us know via email, however access to the forum may be severely affected in doing so.