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Speeding fines charges starts April 24th

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  • Speeding fines charges starts April 24th

    Drivers caught speeding will face tougher penalties of up to 175pc of their weekly income under new rules introduced on Monday. Fines for serious offenders will start from 150pc of their weekly income rather than the current level of 100pc. The fines are split into bands from A to C. The penalty depends on how fast motorists are driving above the speed limit.

    For example, a Band A fine is for drivers going more than one to 10mph too fast in a 20mph zone or 20mph too fast in a 70mph zone.The more serious Band B and C fines would be applied to those pushing the speed limit further. The fines for less serious speeding offences are not changing.

    What are the fines?

    All of the bands have a starting limit, which is a percentage of your weekly income. However, this can be increased or decreased depending on the circumstances, which are explained below. The starting point for a Band A fine is 50pc of weekly income but this could vary between 25pc and 75pc. For Band B offences fines vary between 75pc and 125pc. The most serious offenders who are hit with a Band C fine will be charged 150pc of their relevant weekly income, which could rise to 175pc or fall to 125pc. The fine is capped at 1,000, or 2,500 if you're caught speeding on the motorway. The charges are calculated based on your income after tax and national insurance deductions.....Read more here
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