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  • PCN from APCOA

    My wife received a notice to keeper letter from APCOA for parking in a leisure centre car park.
    The driver parked there while visiting a soft-play area and was there for 90 mins.
    However, the driver said they had parked there before and hadnt seen any notices requiring payment.
    Whether or not the notices have been put there recently I dont know, but the charge is 50p for 2 hours.
    The notice they have sent is a charge of 60 (30 if paid within 14 days).
    There is a photo of the car on their web-site, but you can't see if there is a valid ticket is displayed in the windscreen.
    I assume that the photograph wasn't taken by a ticket warden, as there would have have been a PCN attached to the windscreen?
    My questions are

    1) Is this "fine" proportionate to the alleged offence ?
    2) Are they required to show photographic evidence of a close-up of the windscreen without a valid ticket on display?
    3) Might they have another photograph which they haven't shown as evidence, which shows a close-up of the windscreen?

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    HI Westham1

    1st goto to get info on grounds for appeal, then your appeal (which will probably be rejected) should answer your questions above.