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    Originally posted by Diana Mayhew View Post

    Are you making any headway with this?

    Hi Diana no headway so far all has been silent since i last had contact. got the sar info from them having a browse thro that but it looks like they have indeed paid out the same policy twice? however am gona wait till they make there next contact before i decide on next move. cheers for looking in.


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      Originally posted by cardiac arrest View Post

      Ok, so they started paying the first policy in 2007, then when the 2nd policy started to pay out they mistakenly included the the 1st policy with 2nd policy...while continuing to pay the 1st policy..Sounds about right ! So for 8 years they've paid 11,500 twice...that's about 1,400 a year. I'm just thinking about any income tax you might have paid in any of the these years (combining any other pensions you might have , like OAP...) The Tax thresholds in the early years were quite low..for example .2007/8 5,225, 2008/9 6,035 2009/10 6,475 (aged under 65) you might have paid tax on some of this 'extra' income which you may be able to claim back either from the tax office or argue with your pension company that you've paid tax which is now out of the reclaim period from HMRC so they should compensate you or rather only demand the net amount for that period ? The tax allowance rates for over 65's were quite a bit higher, 2007/8 was 9,030 so a lot depends on when you reached 65. Worth having a look in any case ?
      Hi cardiac arrest. ha ha not 65 just yet. (not to long tho) yep will defo take into account all the allowances etc. still waiting on them to make there final begging letter ha ha