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    Apologise for the double post!
    Last edited by Roger; 13th February 2018, 23:16.


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      Originally posted by Annieebaby View Post
      Iíve been thinking about our plan of action going forward seeing as 2 debts are over drafts, 2 are enforceable credit cards and 1 is still unknown (NEXT).
      Could I not bother with the token payments, (I havenít started them yet or paid anyone any money this year) and just try to aim for statue bar. If a DCA got heavy or sent court papers I could always try and arrange a Ďpayment planí or full and final then canít I?
      Maintain your own Income and Expenditure model. ( Only a court can force you to disclose Income & Expenditure by the way! )
      This way you always have the figures at your finger tips. You should also save a contingency pot, instead of paying Creditors! This could be used F&F when or even if this became an option.
      In other words controlling your life and debts
      1/ Payment plans
      2/ Contigency pot for F&F
      3/ The UE status BUT there are other reasons for why Debts are UE other than just CCA! We use Our filing and SAR's to assist in these decisions.

      The new Letter Before Claim is supposed to have the Claimnant reveal their evidence!
      But it seems the tactic is to pressure/trick the Defendant into showing your hand!

      At this stage!
      Silence and eat up months/years should be your plan even if the CCA is EN
      Everything in writing! That's by snail mail! Only replying when you really must!
      Post whatever you receive up here for the MODS to look at!


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        Thank you so much for the advice Roger. Sometimes I cave and think I should be paying token payments but Iíll stay strong.

        A spanner in the woeks though, seems my husband isnít too good with budgeting and has a 3 k loan that I didnít know about (well I did but I thought he paid it off when his dad extended his car loan!) anyway since finding out Iíve only just taken control of that. He was paying £100 a month made up of £99 interest, what a joke! This has been ongoing for at least a few years. Also, 2 pay day loans. He said heís had 15 with quickquid and a few with Wonga and 1 with sunny.

        With quick quid I am going to complain regarding irresponsible lending and hope they refund and that will wipe the current one outstanding which £1500 total made up of £900 loan and £600 interest. With Sunny, heís not made any contact or payment since it was taken out 2 years ago- what should our approach be? Can you CCA a pay day loan? Would this be accepting liability? Should we just leave alone? Itís with a debt collector now.