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  • Drydensfairfax and Default

    I've been dealing with Drydensfairfax Solicitiors regarding their client Max Recovery Limited. Drydens updated my credit file on the 30th May this year without sending me any written notification. When they updated the running of the default, it had impacted my credit rating. Anyway, I have asked for a copy of the original default notice. Drydens are saying they are not obliged to supply this. Surely this breaches section 87, 88 and 89 of the CCA 1974? I also asked for a copy of the deed of assignment, they have not supplied me with this. First question I have is, if they refuse to supply me with a valid copy of the original default notice, can this be allowed to appear on my credit file!? Secondly, I have some concerns. I understand that when the original creditor mbna sold the debt to Max Recovery, the account was NOT in default. So legally, by selling this debt on when it was not defaulted, is this debt even allowed to be showing on my credit file? I've done an SAR to MBNA asking for copies of default notices to see if this is the case, and anything in relation to the sale of the debt to Max Recovery!! Any help please TIA