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    Ok, so now I have received a reply from Brent BC to my FOI request. The cameras and signs have not had a planning application approval. They have no record of any application.

    good news, so far. However they haven't answered the second part of my question which was, would a planning approval be required.

    There's a chance it might be exempted so I need them to confirm this. They might be a bit shy coming forward with this but I've reminded them this was part of my FOI

    hope to get an answer later this week, and that it will confirm the signs and cameras are illegal


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      You've obviously been researching this pretty well, so you have probably already come across a lot of this stuff -

      This Google search show a number of sites discussing this issue

      On the first site listed I saw a couple of links in one discussion which provide further reading which may or may not be helpful -