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Have you Received a Claim From a Creditor?

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  • Have you Received a Claim From a Creditor?

    received a claim form from a creditor?

    If you've been served a claim form from your creditor (or their appointed agent / solicitor) please start a new thread by following the simple guide shown below. If you're unsure of anything, want protected access or need direct help then please send an email to:

    Ok, so the first thing we need to establish is how much is being claimed? To work this out look at the claim form and towards the bottom right corner of the page you'll see some boxes - the total claimed is the first (top) box - ie the amount minus legal fees and the claim fee. This is the value of the claim so now just select the relevant option from those below:

    Claim Less Than £10,000 Claim More Than £10,000

    If the claim is less than £10,000 it's likely to be allocated to the Small Claims Track which means that you cannot really get legal help so we can teach you to defend the claim as a Litigant in Person and also offer cheap ad-hoc Pay As You Go (PAYG) legal help via our Solicitor.

    If the claim is more than £10,000 it's likely to be allocated to the Fast Track meaning we might be able to refer your case to our Preferred Solicitor who would then asses your case and determine whether or not it's suitable to be considered for a Conditional Fee Arrangement (CFA).

    Now that we know how much is being claimed you need to decide whether you want your thread to remain in the public domain or whether you want to secure it in a private area that is only open to AAD+ verified members (of the forum). To help you decide, just read some of the Benefits of AAD+ which goes some way to explain the enhancements provided.

    Once you've started your thread, one of the AAD Legal Management Team will get in touch and try and help you to get sorted. Your new thread will be housed in the Secure - General Legal Issues public portal unless you are a member of AAD+ in which case your thread will be hidden from public view.

    Remember that this section is open to everyone (including guests) so please be discrete, do not give away any personally identifiable information and do not upload any unedited documents. We will let you know when your thread is private so you know you can speak a little more freely.

    AAD+ Members have their own process, slightly different from the above, which can be accessed by Clicking Here.
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