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    I just thought I'd share the account that provides you with up to 5 seperate wee boxes so that you can save for different things in the one account. Its not a great interest rate (what is???) but it is unconnected to anything else and the five wee boxes are really usefull, it even lets you set targets and tells you when you are behind!

    Totally online, account took around 10 days to set up and online banking is easy to use. Accepts DD/SO/BACS, so if you have any spare pennies, this is a good place to squirrel away!
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    Re: Principality Building Society

    I'll second this Dopey. You were the mate who put me in touch with these in the first place and its been a great help. All my 'due's and demands' are in seperate pots ready for when a bill comes in. At long last we have some savings, not much, but its been a very long time since I said that.