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How could I let this happen again....

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    Re: How could I let this happen again....

    Thank you Nanna..... I do not know what I would have done without the support of this forum.

    is SnV ok? He has not been around for sometime.... I do hope all is ok with him.


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      Re: How could I let this happen again....

      Has snv left the forum, as it looks like he has not been on here for a couple of months. I hope everything is ok with him.


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        Re: How could I let this happen again....

        Originally posted by Natty View Post
        Has snv left the forum, as it looks like he has not been on here for a couple of months. I hope everything is ok with him.
        Hi there, try not to worry - how can we help, what is the urgency to get hold of SnV? If we can help then we will.

        All members are in essence volunteers who give up their free time to help us, SnV included. We are non intrusive so we won't hassle people who may be away for whatever reason and therefore sadly, we do not know where or what SnV is or is doing but of course we hope everything is ok and he's just busy enjoying life without needing to be here every day.

        As I say, we're here to help so fire away if you have a particular query which needs attention.

        I'm the forum administrator and I look after the theme & features, our volunteers & users and also look after any complaints or Data Protection queries that pass through the forum or main website. I am extremely busy so if you do contact me or need a reply to a forum post then use the email or PM features offered because I do miss things and get tied up for days at a time!

        If you spot any spammers, AE's, abusive or libellous posts or anything else that just doesn't feel right then please report them to me as soon as you spot them at:


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          Re: How could I let this happen again....

          Many thanks Niddy x
          if you do it today and you like it you can always do it again tomorrow

          I'm an Official AAD Forum Moderator and a volunteer, here to help make the forum run smoothly. Any views or opinions are mine and not the official line of allaboutDEBT Ltd. Any advice I have offered you is done so on an informal basis, without prejudice or liability. If in doubt seek advice from a qualified insured professional - find a solicitor or go to the National Probono Centre.

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            Hello everyone,

            It has been many months since I have been on this site.... I thought 2016 was a dreadful year, but 2017 has been the most awful year.

            I lost my best friend and another friend to cancer.,My life spiralled out of control and I was in a very dark place suffering severe depression. My financial problems have got worse.I always try to think there are people much worse off than me, which is probably true.

            I just need a little advice as those that know me know how I stress and panic at the first bullying email or text from a PDL....

            I have a few PDL that I set up payment plans with, however my Mum & Dad's cooker broke before Christnas and therefore I used my bill money towards a new cooker, therefore I will have to miss my monthly payments off a number of my debtors for 31 December... This means I will not be able to make payments until the 31 January 2018.

            I am stressing as PDL scare the hell out of me. Although my payments range between 10 & 20 irrespectively I am stressing at missing these payments.

            I would like to take this time to wish you all a Happy 2018... Let's hope it is kinder to us all!

            i hope my friend SnV is well, he went missing from the site earlier in the year.... I wish him nothing but the best as his support was amazing in 2016... He got me through some tough times.

            Best wishes