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Mis sold PPI? Legal and General

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  • Mis sold PPI? Legal and General

    Hello all im new here so hopefully this is in the right section, Im confused about all this mis sold ppi stuff, I took on a mortgage in nov 2005 with Northern rock plc and i got told i had to take insurance with Legal and general if i was to take on the Mortgage does this mean i was mis sold PPI? im not very good at all this kind of stuff and the more i search the more i confused any hel at all would be apriciated. Thanks

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    Re: Mis sold PPI? Legal and General

    Hi and welcome to AAD, hang on in there and someone with all the help you need will be along soon. You are in the right place though


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      Re: Mis sold PPI? Legal and General

      Hi and welcome

      In my opinion, you do have grounds to make a reclaiming complaint.
      Although it's best to have protection, as we all know to protect our mortgage, you should have not been made to take out their very own ppi product and should not have been told that to be accepted for the mortgage you will have to take out their's.

      You can have a stand alone protection and more likely to have been cheaper, but they failed to tell you it was optional, and obviously did not follow the correct procedures of when they sold you the product.

      Below there is a reclaim questionnaire, complete and send to the arranger of the mortgage/ppi, post by signed for recorded delivery and keep copies in case you need to refer back to it again at some point.

      Do you have a copy of the mortgage agreement?
      This will enclose details of the mortgage and any ppi they sold you, it may also be a good idea (if you have this) to send a "copy only" enclosed with the reclaim complaint questionnaire.

      Hope this helps, good luck and ask for further help if required.


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        Re: Mis sold PPI? Legal and General

        If you can dig out the paperwork, you might find it's life cover you have not PPI. If you can get details we should be able to tell you exactly what you got.


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          Re: Mis sold PPI? Legal and General

          Good point mgfboy

          So check the mortgage agreement as well to make sure, they will provide you with a copy of this in the post if required.


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            Re: Mis sold PPI? Legal and General

            Thanks for all the replys, I think Mgfboy is right it was life cover that i had, which i still have now but with someone else so it looks as tho i havent a claim Northern rock also told me i had to have 10k on a un secured loan to have the mortgage i was only 21 when me and the Mrs took it out so was young and just wanted to get in lol is anyone sure why they made us have 10k on a loan and is there anything i could do about it. Thanks again


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              Re: Mis sold PPI? Legal and General

              Dont give up yet - Have you found the paperwork?

              I took out a secured laon with Northern Rock and was told I had to take out PPI in order to get the loan.
              The insurance was via Cardif Pinnacle - If you have this it is deffo worth a go.
              It was my easiest claim to date.

              I aslo had a legal & general life endowment policy c/w critical illness cover,sold to me via a mortgage broker - I did them for a mis-sell on the endowment as it wasnt fit for purpose due to it not being able to cover / pay off my mortgage - maybe this is what you have?

              The L&G thing was a harder battle and ended up with FOS , but I won in the end.

              DONT GIVE UP



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                Re: Mis sold PPI? Legal and General

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                Best of luck with your reclaim
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