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  • PCN - Lancashire County Council

    Hi. Just want to check this with forum users please, though having read some of the threads on this subject I suspect I know the answer! I got a PCN from Lancashire County Council yesterday. As the notice is headed-up "Penalty Charge Notice" and definitely issued by the local council as opposed to a private company am I right in thinking there's no point in challenging this?


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    I'm no expert but I think you're right and you're just going to have to pay up.
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      Hi Zep
      If you have a legitimate defence then there is a good chance of success with a PCN appeal. It is the private parking firms who basically ignore appeals.


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        Thanks Pixie and CAPS, much appreciated. Unfortunately I don't think I have a legitimate defence. Although the council allow parking on the double yellow lines in question for up to 20 minutes I inadvertently left one of the back wheels on the pavement which I think is what has generated the ticket.